Saturday, October 21, 2017

Not A Friday, But Still...

One of my favorite bands of all time. Marillion from their stunning album Misplaced Childhood


This Is Important.

Robert Bork, should he be alive today, would feel himself vindicated. Defending White Christian European Civilization openly? I can see Hollywood screeching and US Congress doing a seppuku... ah, usually takes honor to splash your entrails.



Thursday, October 19, 2017

Oh, The Irony!

While the whole Trump Russia Gate contrived story goes nowhere with dramatically increasing velocity, that is acceleration, other story seems to be making some circles on the water--that is the story of... read The Hill

If one asks me if this whole thing could be a real deal, I can definitely say that I can envision the whole network of bribes, kickbacks and other, rather very personal, favors which Russians might have provided to a... drum roll...drum roll... still drumming and rolling... to the US Democratic Administration of Barack Obama. Is it possible? Yes. How probable is that? Surely way above zero. But the question here is not the fact that Russia bought 20% of US deposits of uranium. US' plunder of Russia in 1990s could be briefly reviewed here. There is very little real "national security risk" in that, but what is remarkable, of course, that Russia was in cahoots with Clinton (and Obama) clans which makes this whole story of Trump being Russia's Manchurian President a complete baloney even for the armies of Hillary's worshipers from the very sleazy and revolting DNC, media and slime Hollywood to a completely brainwashed masses of SJWs. That is if they will be able to survive a brutal cognitive dissonance without overdosing on the antidepressant. Most of them have to be on them anyway. If anything else, Russia "financed" Hillary, who, obviously, continues to "project" on The Donald her own, rather murky, operations with Russians and a very real financial and other gain for hers and her pervert hubby's little "charity". While the whole business of Uranium One purchase may be questionable, actions of The Clintons may amount to a very serious bribery and corruption accusations and, hopefully, charges. Man, this dish goes so well with this whole Hollywood feminazis now, apparently, being fvcked non stop for the last 20 or so years by all kinds of perverts, such as this low life Weinstein, for their movie roles and none of them biting off Weinstein's dick or kicking him in the balls to defend their human honor and integrity. Well, Hollywood doesn't have any. We all know whom the Hollywood supported in all of the last several election cycles in the US and that ain't Donald Trump. For Russians this whole situation is the second best thing. Obviously, there will be always non-stop bouts of anti-Russian hysteria from all corners and Russia will be blamed no matter what, but, at least, this whole story has a potential of damaging the cesspool which Beltway has become to such a degree that some, maybe not visible initially, movements will begin in a direction of removing a completely corrupt, degenerate and criminal US "political" elite. It is the only way the United States will survive as a whole nation with some, not entirely bleak, future. 

Friday, October 13, 2017


One of the most beautiful pieces of ballad by... whom else...Cheap Trick. Yeah, it is Friday. 


Those Whom Gods Wish To Destroy...

So you know the rest of this famous expression. But here is my conundrum, I never hid my warm attitude to American people, nor my love for the country which became our home in a very difficult time for us and, apart from being madly in love with the American West in general, seemed to give a moral meaning to life. So, comes the moral issue--yes, I was and continue to be outspoken against actions of the American political, that is power  class, since the start of a criminal adventure in Yugoslavia and then Iraq, and then, well, you know... But at some point one has to ask the question: is this now really that bad, is this becoming a complete madhouse? As painful as it is to admit it--yes, there are many people in US power-media elite who are going off the rails in a major and a grotesque way. It would have been funny if it wouldn't have been so damn serious since most of those people truly are mad. Get this:

Russian cyber experts created a Pokemon Go game as part of their attempts to meddle with the US election, according to an investigation by CNN. Under the banner of Don’t Shoot Us, a collective that seemed to share the aims of Black Lives Matter but which is now believed to be run by Russians, the game was created to inspire online participants. Users could visit sites where police brutality had been recorded, and were encouraged to give their Pokemon characters names of real-life victims, such as Eric Garner, who died on Staten Island. The winner of the Pokemon contest would receive an Amazon gift card, the Don’t Shoot Us site said. CNN said it had no evidence of anyone actually claiming the prize.

A sheer idiocy of these claims is such, that many, following Goebbels's  dictum, will believe it. Thankfully, the comment section to this news piece (of shit) provides enough antidote to start smiling and eventually laugh one's ass off.  The best comment (out of which I managed to read) was this:

There, there, Hillary don't feel bad. Democratic Senator Adam Schiff has subpoenaed Pokemon to testify in front of the Senate Lack Of Intelligence Committee. lol

This one is good too, LOL--here is a nation of Mark Twain and O'Henry still alive and kicking: 
The Chinese were trying to meddle also, but they used Harry Potter magic and that’s where they failed, everyone know brooms are old technology.

In related news of some going off the rails completely are the news of Ukrainian patriot farmer deciding to settle this shit with Russian T-14 Armata MBT once and for all. After all, as we all know, Russia maintains in Ukraine (after invasion, of course) several tank armies with thousands of T-90s and Armatas, so the time came to counter those damn Russkies. The sheer idiocy of the whole thing is not in the contraption this Ukrainian farmer constructed, however hilarious it is, it is in the fact of enthusiastic report on that by one of Ukrainian TV Channels. You don't need to know Ukrainian to really appreciate the magnificence of the technological achievement in the armored warfare. But, obviously, Russian commenters had a field day in comments section and some of those are beyond hilarious. Friday, the 13th, what can I say and you can not treat stupid, I guess.

P.S. The title of this thing? Tortilla and, of course, and I quote, "there is nothing comparable to this technology in any army in the world." With that, I have to agree completely. I need a drink, LOL.  

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Saudi King Visits Moscow Today.

The today's message to KSA is sublime. 

No comments. 

Do They Really Read My Blog?

Not that I think too much of myself, but if one recalls this blog was started precisely as a herald of a complete degeneration (not that it was that good to start with) of an American so called "Russian Studies" field. I even gave the title of Sand Castle Geopolitics to some of my posts three years ago. Since then I continued and never stopped in pressing the main point--American Russia's "expertdom", with some minor, however notable, exceptions is a collection of badly educated, non-erudite, myopic products of US so called "political science" field which is anything but science. The main purpose of science is an objective search for the truth, in order to find this truth, which is knowable, one has to have a very good cognitive apparatus capable to establish the most important, principal, thing--a causality. The connection between the cause and effect is crucial, without it there is no science nor knowledge. US "Political Science" field has none of it, preferring to pursuit of a truth a pursuit of demagoguery, sophistry and mental constructs which look elegant on the surface without having any depth or being in touch with the reality. This assertion is supported by overwhelming empirical evidence. Yet, these completely discredited political, so called, "scientists" continue their convulsions with parading themselves as ignoramuses by reinforcing their "methods" and assumptions which far from getting any realistic picture of Russia are also in the foundation of an American decline. Here is one such recent "optimist".

Russian Studies is Thriving, not Dying

Timothy Frye starts his piece immediately with a whopping fail:

The only problem is that Russian studies is thriving, at least in Political Science, the field I know best. Consider the flagship journal in the field—the American Political Science Review (APSR). It publishes about forty articles per year from all four specializations in Political Science, including American politics, comparative politics, international relations, and political theory and it has an acceptance rate of 8 percent. That is, 92 percent of submissions are rejected. This figure is especially impressive since scholars tend to only send their best work to the APSR for review.

Well, I have news for Frye--it is not "thriving" in the most important metric--delivering a truthful picture. If he thinks that "studies" of Russia such as:  

In work posted on the APSR website, Bryn Rosenfeld from University of Southern California identifies an important caveat to the oft-cited thesis that a strong middle-class promotes democracy. Using a clever statistical method and large surveys from Russia, she finds that the middle class is likely to protest against electoral fraud, but not if they work in the state sector.

really add anything of value to understanding (which there is none) or knowing Russia, without studying things which really matter to the majority of Russians, not to some self-proclaimed "experts", I have a bridge to sell to him. The Modus Operandi of the overwhelming majority of the US "political scientists", intelligence people, journalists etc. when dealing with Russia is described by these four points:

1. Always remember that you are superior in every single aspect and that you know better, even if you don't speak Russian and never read more than couple of books on Russia (Pasternak and Solzhenitsyn are a must);

2. Once in Russia, find immediately a nearest pro-Western liberal nest, preferably with people fluently speaking English and being published in media supported by US State Department or any other NGO (if connected to CIA--even better). Take information and opinions on Russia from these people and media;

3. Concoct a "study" which shows how American "democracy" is superior to anything ever created in universe and why Russia and Russians must earn the right to be even considered worthy of such a system;

4. Always remember that you are superior and because you are from America--you know better and you don't need those Russkies to point out to you that for the most part you have no clue and your "research" is not worth a paper on which it will be printed. 

You may say I exaggerate. No, not by much anyway. But even Frye admits that:

Certainly the academic study of Russia faces many challenges and we can use more experts in the field, particularly in the study of foreign policy. But the lack of nuance in public discourse about Russia is not rooted in the low quality of academic research in Russian studies   

No, Mr. Frye, au contraire, it is rooted precisely in a low quality of the so called "academic research" since it is for the most part is done based on a complete lack of understanding of Russia's culture, history and psyche. "Studying" this in Brooklyn's so called "Russian" community of immigrants is not a good idea. This "research" is also based on a pervasive and prevailing arrogance of American intellectual elites and messianic view of the outside world and that is the main problem--it creates a myopia which doesn't allow to see what is "hiding" in a plain sight. No knowledge, let alone cogent policy recommendations could be drawn from such a "research", especially in the country which considers Russia an existential threat and makes it normal to call for killing Russians or calling them genetically inferior in national media. Why doesn't Mr. Frye do an "academic research" on the role of "political science" in fanning the flames of American elites' Russophobia the likes of which the United States never witnessed before? After all, very many of those in US political and punditry class have their "academic" backgrounds precisely in "political science" field.  Judging by the atrocious results, domestically and globally, of their activity in the last 20 or so years one is forced to conclude that either they were shitty students or that political science is not science at all. I tend to believe both conclusions are true. Will Mr. Frye "study" or "research" those?

Monday, October 2, 2017

It Is Really Not A Good Day.

I will abstain from commenting on the horror in Las Vegas, I will just say that I feel sorry for people and my thoughts are with innocents, alive and those, sadly, dead.  But what I will comment on, though, is this: American (or US-associated) celebrities--just shut up. You ignorant, uneducated (look at Clooney's or Damon's academic records, not to speak of this no good bimbo Rhianna) no good pretentious dweebs--put a cork in it about guns. Lose your bodyguards and go preach to South Chicago or Detroit, see what happens next. Nobody gives a shit about your "opinions"--you are freaking entertainers who fake human emotions to get paid, that's the range and scope of your competencies.  All this "progressive" cabal is disgusting. This, however, is below anything. 

CBS fires vice president who said Vegas victims didn't deserve sympathy because country music fans 'often are Republican'

But in a stream of a bad news today came this, another sad one: 

Tom Petty just died, only 66. Man, talk about really bad day...